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QSI provides training, mentoring and agile services around organizational change management.

“Agile” has been a buzzword for more than ten years now.  Do you need to get your arms around what it is, what it is not? Want to understand what we have learned from our experience these past ten years (continuous learning is an agile value!)? Want insight into where the industry is headed and what is predicted for the future?

  • Agile Delivery
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Team Adoption and Coaching
Organizational Change

  • Organizational Performance Analysis
  • Change Readiness
At QSI, we know you expect your folks to come back from training able to make a difference back on the job. But sometimes, you just need to know where to start exploring an emerging topic, or want refreshed on classic software engineering good practices. We also know that the best way for adults to acquire skills is to experience and practice using them; that is why we offer a variety of solutions for your information and performance and support needs.
  • Certification Training Classes
  • Professional Mentoring